Zoey The White Lioness has the most incredible and unusual female voice you’ll hear this year. She can bring the heavy while keeping the melody in check, delivering thought provoking angst-filled lyrics. She’s amazing, really. The guitar riffs are tight, massive, and atmospheric, while, the presentation is both bombastic and stylish. A determined and fierce hard rock artist, Zoey strives to put out quality content complete with harsh realities, personal mental struggles, and songs of pure angst. The EP, “Annihilation” is an incredible effort by an incredibly original and talented woman.

Zoey The White Lioness demonstrates that she has one of the most authentic singing voices of any female in rock, at the moment. She has a great amount of versatility and power to her vocals, that aren’t lost in her exhilarating performances. She moves from an uncanny low register to an audacious, disquieting roar, almost effortlessly.

There is clearly a statement that Zoey The White Lioness is making on “Annihilation”, demonstrating more artistic integrity than first meets the ear. The word ‘annihilation’, is described as the complete destruction or obliteration of something – an extremely powerful concept, which Zoey engages across this entire recording.

Zoey The White Lioness is ambitious, and succeeds at being appealing and relatable, while still being innovative, including various influences from the realms of rock and even Goth metal. She combines these genre elements to create an EP that is not only beautiful, but brutal at times. Opening with “This Is How I Bleed”, Zoey sings with passion, with fire, and a desire to get the song’s message across.

Zoey The White Lioness has no fear of tackling controversial themes, as she examines the persecution and martyrs in the name of religion and God. The guitar work is a blend of bone-crushing stop-start bombast, and blistering riffs that chug away.

Zoey can also get close up and personal, as she does on “Bed Of Boredom”:  “How I became so perverted. How I became so lonely. My only company is some porn magazine. Don’t know my identity. I just want to feel something,” she sings, locked in the throes of an identity crisis.

Moving forward, Zoey The White Lioness continues to demonstrate her perpetual evolution and her innate ability to think outside of the musical box in which many artists choose to confine themselves.

“I Crave To Cave” delivers another onslaught of infectious guitar riffs, and her soul exposing voice: “I crave to cave. It is my only wish. I’m to scared to wait. Can I have one more taste.” The song grows with intensity to build this amazing wall around Zoey’s commanding vocal delivery.

As previously mentioned, Zoey The White Lioness has an outstandingly original voice, with a lot of power and texture, and when unleashed is a potent force. Which is exactly what she does on the exploding uneasiness of “Papercut”. This track is vigorous, robust, and dominant. For all the rock and metal influences, Zoey The White Lioness has a sound that belongs to her, and is not what anyone else is doing.

The EP closes with “Wicker Man”, which begins on a stripped down note, with a simple jangling guitar and Zoey’s nuanced vocals, before exploding into angst-filled rock mayhem. “My heart is black as coal. You better leave me alone. Or I’ll put you in the wicker man. Burn like the way I have.” This is an EP that I do believe many troubled souls will be able to connect with.

Zoey The White Lioness is going 100% her own way, and her artistry and creativity shines through on “Annihilation”. Zoey’s vision and focus on her music and narratives, make for a blood pumping, emotional and thought-provoking recording.


Website: https://zoeythewhitelioness.com/
Spotify: https://bit.ly/AnnihilationZWL
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