What separates #Bizeeee aka #4ez from many of today’s rappers, is his indestructible delivery. Every verse no matter what he is rapping, he relentlessly pound his rhymes into your head mercilessly, with bone crushing stanzas and a ruthless attitude. Every word spoken shows an aggressive mood and seemingly cannot be stopped by anything. With this intensity also comes a very dramatic and cinematic driven production. This intense style is especially shown 4ez’s latest single, “Looking For It”. This song is driven by a rhythmic drumbeat, hissing hi-hats, and harmonized by futuristic and spacey keys. This is a chance for 4ez to step back into the norm and turn up the volume on his aggressiveness.

On “Looking For It”, 4ez achieves the perfect blend of manic indecipherable rapping filled to brim with deep figurative language, a brilliantly-crafted story and an out-of-this-world scenario that extends from the deepest cracks of the human psyche. All of this is displayed over a consistently fiery beat.

The dizzying sonic template of gritty drum shots, and head-bobbing drum basslines, evoke the darkest images from the twisted corners of your mind. Every detail, significant or insignificant, is mentioned with neurotic accuracy all while being fueled by a ridiculously smooth and aggressive flow.

I wish I could cite those lyrics to illustrate the brilliance of story-telling involved but it would only be comprehensible if I posted the song in its entirety. Needless to say, 4ez delivers a mesmerizing barrage of adrenaline-soaked verses and battle-rhyme-styled aggression.

4ez’s relentless energy pushes him to pack as much imagery into his rhymes, but not overtly-saturating them, to the point that they become mindless battle-rap brags. At times it feels like #4ez can turn his schizoid rhymes to almost any topic, such is the breezy confidence with which he approaches this recording.

The solid production, vivid lyrics and excelling mood, makes “Looking For It” another great addition to the 4ez collection. If hip-hop can paradoxically be praised for anything, it would be its seemingly limitless potential for progression and reinvention, and there are still a handful of rappers who not only understand that, but also understand that it can certainly help shape the genre as well. #Bizeeee aka #4ez is one of those rappers.

MORE ABOUT: Born Bougain Littlejohn, in Blowing Rock, North Carolina, Bizeeee aka 4ez, was raised by a single mother in Central Virginia after his parents split. She was in and out of jobs, hustling to make ends meet, while Bizeeee left home early, turning to the crime-infested Virginia neighborhoods, which led to the usual downward spiral of courts, institutions and incarceration.

He started experimenting with rhymes at 12, and got published in local poetry books and magazines. However he didn’t start rapping until he was 22. Eventually he would find solace in creating art – writing, spray graffiti, photography, and of course music.