DirtyHarvard has recently announced that they are all set to release their new hood pop album. They have already released 3 new singles from the upcoming album on SoundCloud and are ready to launch their first music video later this month.

LosAngeles, CA – Biz and Rix Melody are the main men behind DirtyHarvard. DirtyHarvard is strongly becoming known for their HOOD POP style in music, which blends the sounds of known genres like Rock, Pop, and Hip Hop but with a DirtyHarvard twist. This newly crafted masterpiece will consist of 26 songs, while 3 of the album singles have already been released on Soundcloud. It’s very easy to see why the album has already garnered such a positive buzz and with many fans eagerly waiting for the new “REARVIEW” music video to drop the suspense continues to grow.

One of the key spokesmen that handles the band’s marketing was quoted saying, “DirtyHarvard has managed to become a sensation among many die-hard music fans. People love the kind of energetic live performances they conduct and the way their lyrical creativity emerges out is truly a revelation within itself. With this new album, we want to further capitalize on their fan following and help them emerge as true musical sensations.”

DirtyHarvard is known to artistically blend high energy performances with great lyrical creativity. The skills they show in improvisation and musicianship is almost worldly. They have been hailed to be true future icons in the making and fans have strongly welcomed their engaging sounds and empowering personalities with great praise.

The DirtyHarvard band was formed when Biz decided to team up with like-minded musician and producer Rix Melody as they happened to keep bumping into each other when doing gigs with other bands. The band draws their repertoire from almost a century of musical history and one can find influences of epic songs in their composition.

Those who would like to groove to their songs and even hum to catchy lyrics can check out released singles from DirtyHarvard’s SoundCloud by clicking on this link https://soundcloud.com/dirtyharvard

They can also be found on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/dirtyharvard/

About DirtyHarvard

DirtyHarvard is made up of two lead men namely Kenneth ‘Biz’ Mckenzie and Ricardo ‘Rix Melody’. Known to be influenced by a century of music, the band is known for their energetic performances and catchy lyrics which has everyone hooked and singing.

Contact Information


Contact Number: 786.650.4192

Email: dirtyharvardmgmt@gmail.com

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/dirtyharvard

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dirtyharvard/