Ralph Buso (Vocals), Brett Gorke (Guitars), Devin Baker (Bass), Pat Magrath (Drums), collectively known as RAVENSCROFT, are working on their most unique, creative, exploratory, and bone-crushing recording they have ever produced. It’s a progressive work of metal and rock art, delving deep into the nature of their craft. This six song EP “Rebel” will be released on March 25th 2018.  And there will be a release party held at The Slidebar in Fullerton California with Killset.

The soaring melodies, the intense guitar solos, the deeply profound lyrics all take part in painting the picture that the band’s works regularly deliver. With precise timing and technicality, RAVENSCROFT space and structures each song to embody its own chemistry. In other words, the band is heavy and dark as ever, rewarding the listener with brand new material, and the release of the video for the upcoming EP’s third single “STAND UP”.

The niche that RAVENSCROFT fills in modern rock with their technical, yet accessible songwriting is desperately needed, and the band does not disappoint on “STAND UP”.  They embrace their abilities as a riff and rhythm machine, consistently balancing heavy, intricate, and often technical work with the right amount of melody throughout the song while avoiding the monotony that often plague some of their contemporaries. This is the sound of a band inspired, a band willing to experiment and break out of any given formula to grow as artists.

Technicality aside, “STAND UP” is just fun to listen to, being both layered and memorable. A huge, bombastic anthem that’s full of energy and carried by powerhouse performances also manages to have a winning melody that elevates it even further. This is a surprisingly good track with the potential to carry an unbelievable amount of meaning. RAVENSCROFT shows that this is one band that cannot be held back.

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