Em Soto is an American Hip Hop artist and record producer from Brooklyn, NY. Soto created his own label IV Entertainment in 2013 being the front line artist and producer alongside J. Gordon, and label co-owner G-Lyves, going on to form a group known as The Hafwayz. After the label was created Em Soto was featured on various mixtapes with Styles P (Of The Lox), Raekwon (Of Wu-Tang), Rappin 4 Tay, Thirstin Howl III, and more.

“Drift & Swerve” the latest single by Em Soto is a track whose quality cannot be fully understood on the first listen. You will be captured by its catchiness, by the banging beat, by the high energy flow. But there is still a lot more, and eventually, it’ll seep into your brain. You’ll notice that the more you listen, the more the subtle nuances, the little lyrical jabs, the understated but ultimately intricate flow will come to the fore.

Em Soto

Em Soto

If you can appreciate mature hip-hop with quality beats, a sophisticated sound, and inventive lyrics, then you need Em Soto in your life. “Drift & Swerve” is like discovering a shiny diamond in the middle of a freshly plowed field on your Granddad’s farm. The beat, the rhymes the way Em Soto flows; you can tell a rapper sitting on top of his game. Clearly Em Soto went above and beyond anyone’s frame of mind when he created this track.

If you think all of the above is related to some socially conscious rap song, with heavy grudges or morals to communicate to the world, it’s not. We’re talking about a purely entertaining track that does exactly what it set out to do – and that is entertain! Clever lyrics, a smart hook and a banging production, together with a surefooted emcee loaded with confidence and charisma is often just as mesmerizing as the socially committed material.

Often times all we need to uplift our spirits and forget about our problems is to bounce around the room in total bliss. And in fact with the slamming sound of “Drift & Swerve” you’ll achieve that state of euphoria long before its 3 minutes and 47 seconds have terminated.

“Drift & Swerve” exemplifies tight lyrics and an off the hook beat, while Em Soto shows lyrical skills that could be favored on all coasts. The track also proves that being versatile is hot in the rap industry. There is no more room for artists that are one dimensional and not consistent.

Listeners are now focused on artists who definitely put out their best every time they drop a new track or mixtape. Running through Em Soto’s catalog it is clear that he has definitely accomplished this time after time. Now “Drift & Swerve” is just another addition to that legacy.