RnB and Soul singer-songwriter Fay Kendel is no ordinary girl – in both her talents and true-life story. Fay was born in Sierra Leone in West Africa, and was adopted by Danish Humanitarian parents when she was only four weeks old.

Fay Kendel photo by Jenny Puronne

Fay Kendel photo by Jenny Puronne

By the time she was eighteen, she had traveled the globe, living in Denmark, Norway, England, and the United States, helping to give her a truly international vision for her musical future, on which she had her heart set from an early age.

Fay Kendel was so dedicated to her dream of becoming a professional flautist that after countless hours of daily practice she developed a chronic inflammation in both her arms. Forced to drop the Flute, she discovered the quality of her voice – and soon she found herself singing in front of audiences of over 50,000 people!

If Fay Kendel’s single, “So Good”, featuring the rapper Spader MC, was a painting; it would be filled with radiant colors, gorgeous textures and encased in an exquisite, meticulously designed frame. Much has been said about the clarity, power, range and the overall sound of Kendall’s voice.

But I’m telling you, few can channel their feelings through their voice like Fay Kendel. You have no choice but to feel what she’s feeling.  The way she sings comes straight from her heart, raw and unedited.

Fay Kendel photo by Smart Banda

Fay Kendel photo by Smart Banda

“So Good” sounds like an authentic, funky soul anthem, transported forward with a time capsule into today’s RnB edge, and textured with a rocking electric guitar. The result is a crossover urban classic. Amidst all the lyrical bashing, hating and simplistic derivative lyrics that seem to have become the norm these days, Fay Kendel sets a new trend.

She takes it back to the old school while staying firmly anchored in modern roots. Spader MC adds the extra edge with his rapped verse, while the lyrics stay clean and pure throughout. Fay completely flips the script and brings a new flavor to the table.

She has her own identity with a signature voice and a fresh, but classic style that sets her apart from all her contemporaries and peers. Plus with her clean lyrical approach on “So Good” ft Spader MC, Fay Kendel makes it possible for anyone, regardless of age or sex, to appreciate RNB music again.

A beautiful and singular achievement indeed, considering the musical era we’re currently going through.