All of the songs in Chisa’s catalog have something to offer and beg to be listened to, based on the emcee’s delivery alone. Having said that, the quirky and creative productions work incredibly well with the animated vocal style that Chisa adopts. Short and direct, the new track “Still Chargin” has emerged from a collaboration between Chisa and Flexus. The result is a minimal Hip Hop gem. Yet there’s a lot of thought crammed into this nimble cut. The flow and money talk make the track feel more substantial than the two minutes it lasts.

Tennessee based emcee, Chisa ignited his brand with the release of his second album, “Ugly Blossom” which garnered him creative praise, musical authenticity, and recognition by independent artists and labels.

His now looking to replicate that critical acclaim with this latest single project, “Still Chargin”. From the moment the track opens, it just fizzes along. No pauses, no hesitations. No waste. The rapid vocal movement give it a sharper edge.

At the same time, there remains a sense of spontaneity here. It’s like between Chisa and Flexus hit onto a stream of creativity and went with it. That’s how it feels – like Chisa is riding along on a wave. The track is like a stream of consciousness.

Despite the solitary piano and the light percussion under him, Chisa just moves in burst of breathless energy, without even building a sweat. The track blends together into a something like a seamless stream of words that runs across the piano-driven music.

Its urgency is gripping. The length and quality of the track mean that it calls for repeated listens. Like all those great songs that always feel too short, you want to put it back on straight away and listen again. So even if the piano backdrop has a retro flavor, it feels like it is breaking into new territory. There’s a freshness in the sound that seems to want to ignite creative sparks everywhere on the track.

Foreboding and atmospheric, Chisa’s delivery on “Still Chargin” is a very good example of modern hip-hop without the need for any mumbling, melodic flexes or emo motifs. Chisa is an artist representing modernity with a classic approach to the genre.

Everything is in its place and everything perfectly complements each other, for which thanks goes to both the beat, and the rapping of Chisa. The emcee takes his approach to another level, and portrays a time when rap was all about technique and wordplay.

As mentioned before, there’s also an unorthodox beat scooting its way through the background, while the bass adds a nice layer to the production. “Ugly Blossom” showed his lyrical growth and vivid storytelling skills, while “Still Chargin” firmly gets that point across.

Though Chisa is a modern, of-the-moment artist, he throws in all kinds of clever nods to the music he presumably grew up on without seeming retro. This project immediately feels like it belongs alongside some of Chisa’s best work.