Mr.Reaper is a powerful, uncompromising hip-hop and rap artist from Woodbridge. He received widespread attention for his single “Thru The Light”. Embodying positive energy, while being raw, personal and spiritual in places, the track immediately presented Mr.Reaper as one of the genre’s intelligent and vital voices. “The dark portrays unwanted vibes, aggression and even a sense to stand up to what we face and what I currently see,” explained Mr.Reaper, discussing the track. “The light portrays mental and self-growth. An evolution or a rebirth in my character,” he concluded. He followed that critical success up with another masterstroke entitled “Thru The Dark”, which is the direct antithesis of “Thru The Light”“The song paints a picture about a side that displays unwanted vibes, aggression, and loneliness,” Mr.Reaper elaborated. Thru The Dark displays having no fear, no emotions and being your own enemy as well.”

Working at a furious pace, Mr.Reaper is back with an excellent and vibrant new release, and both of the aforementioned single gems are now an integral part of his latest album “Light vs Dark”. Mr.Reaper has expands his truth-seeking metaphors in yet another direction, on the opening track, “Ur Slippin Away From Me”, where he uses the emotional truths of love and passion, as an extension of dealing with loss.

It’s difficult to listen to this track without thinking about Mr.Reaper musical evolution; his vision has never been so clear, his music, never so soulful and catchy. This track is a radio-ready banger that will have you turning up the volume dial. “Let Loose” with its insistent beat and vibrant brass is no less impacting, as the rapper looks on the brighter side of living for the moment.

Mr.Reaper has always been a powerful lyricist, with an innate ability to transform real life situations and stories into a consistent and conscious pen game, now he is adding his ear for beat choices to the equation, and the combination of the two is deadly captivating.

One of the more compelling moments on the album is “Laser Focus”, which rides on another hard-hitting beat and resonating synths. The way in which Mr.Reaper is able to intertwine his narrative and wordplay into the arrangement is potent, as he warns about staying focused on our actions, goals, and the ills always lurking in the shadows. Lyrically and poetically he is in full bloom here, and effortlessly excites with levels of lyricism that are often only credited to his peers.

To know Mr.Reaper is to see a rapper who aims for greatness. Something he definitely strives for on “Thru The Light”. The artist has such an ease to his lyricism here as he tackles the yin and yang of light and dark. He shows himself to be a fluid wordsmith in a song that blends a powerful sonic mix of steel and satin.

Mr.Reaper is the kind of poet who uses imagery to give the listener a portrait of his thoughts. The beat moves well around his words on “Thru The Dark”, with the drums and bass driving the rhythm with intensity.

“Higher Learning Acapella” is exactly what you expect to hear after reading the title. Mr.Reaper in a freestyle session without the aid of music. Short and sweet, his confidence makes every bar sharp. The closing track, “Do Better”, showcases Mr.Reaper’s ability to look ahead with a view to how the choices we make can improve our state of being. Here he experiments with jazzy soulful bridges, choruses and a palette of smooth, rich and colorful sound. There is no doubt that Mr.Reaper continues to connect the dots between each project he releases, in a continued succession of work that shows sonic, lyrical and visionary development.