Singer- songwriter Em (short for Emily), has been a recording and performing artist since the age of 12. Now in her 20’s, the New Jersey-born creative has already worked with several high-profile producers and engineers, as she forger her own musical pathway. Her 7-song project “EM” finds her collaborating with producer Chris Young. The lead single taken off the EP project, “Say What You Mean”, is a soulful, and gently flourishing pop ballad, which is also supported by a sultry and sensually shot music video, directed by Parris Mayhew.

“I feel the song is a universal message and represents the ethereal, emotional side of my writing,” Em states. “I’m a huge romantic and 100% ‘in’ when I’m in a relationship. ‘Say What You Mean’ is about wanting someone to love me with every fiber of their being…to be as sure of our love as I am.” Elegant, confident and beguiling in her performance, Em is able to hold an audience rapt with her effortless charisma.

To mistake “Say What You Mean” for an easy listen is to miss the point entirely. For beneath the veneer of its smooth soul-pop sound lurks the aphotic corners of the human condition completely committed to love, and not willing to accept anything less in return. It is the portrait of a vulnerable, yet bold and self-empowered woman, within a deeply devoted journey, where truth and honesty are considered absolute imperatives.

Em’s nuanced vocals and poignant narrative are at the center of her whirlwind of creativity. You’ll be introduced to Em’s seductive whispery tones and harmonies, while keys and pads hold sensuous chords and the scantily spaced clap-shots provide a hypnotic slow-burning groove. The tune is gorgeously dreamy and hazy, with addictive chromatic melodic traits.

In terms of vocals, Em’s melody is littered with delicate ornamentation, and melismatic phrases. There is a subtle contrast within note lengths to exploit both her delicate vibrato and intimately breathless phrases. For the entire length of the track, Em fashions ever more alluring voicings through which to express herself over the sonic background. She is wholly in control of the sound, her voice, and where it might lay in the arrangement.

Delivering an impeccably charming brand of empathy, “Say What You Mean” should put Em’s name on the lips of people who’d never heard her music before. One listen to this effortlessly impressive track, is enough to confirm that underneath its smooth exterior lies deep layers of tempting substance. Where Em directly confronts her vulnerabilities and uncertainties with an iron cast will and an assured perspective of what she desires.

To grasp the full focus of “Say What You Mean”,  and hear what all the fuss is about, run a hot bath overflowing with bubbles, light a couple of candles, supply yourself with a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon, and then simply press play. The following three and a half minutes can be likened to heart and soul therapy.

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