Weston Simonis’ album “Moments Of Intoxication”, won the International Publisher Award (IPA) for the best Indie Alternative Rock Album in 2016. A year later Weston did the film scoring and song writing for the short film A Soul Friction and earned a credit on IMDb. In 2017 Simonis’ first music video dropped for his comedy “Yoga Pants” while he was also a featured artist on multiple radio stations around the world. In the middle of all of this Weston also had his own radio show on multiple stations and now he has created his own small music library to get music to film, TV, and video games.

With his roots in rock, Weston Simonis works in a wide range of musical styles, including blues, funk, metal, punk, hip-hop, and electronic, as well as any progressive thinking crossover rock hybrid. His latest single, is entitled “Mumble Star”. Anyone whose heard Weston’ s music knows that he’s always been a serious student of pop culture’s hot topics and new musical trends.

On the odd single release Weston Simonis has also taken great pains to emphasize our curious human behavior. With every original release, Weston mixes lighthearted moments with shrewd social commentary and straightforward, earnest songwriting. All the while rocking out to his heart’s content.

It shouldn’t be too hard for most to grasp where Weston is going with “Mumble Star”, which – hate it or love it – currently presents one of the hottest musical trends on the planet. Rather than rapping clearly, eloquently, and articulately, with prowess and esteem, mumble rappers string occasional 3 letter words together, to build 7-figure back accounts and occupy the highest spots on streaming charts.

But what really is the problem with mumble rap and its superstar practitioners? Well, let Weston Simonis run you though his narrative on “Mumble Star”. The track offers the opportunity to reassess what is really of cultural, social and artistic value, and what is simply a contemporary vision of success fueled by product consumption and apocryphal imagery.

Weston kicks off his interpretation of the new wave scene with some sharp opening words: “There’s a lot of new rappers out there trying to prove to everyone that they’re the next big thing. But all I hear them, is mumbling and telling the same story.”

At this precise time, all hell breaks loose, as grinding guitars come screaming in with bone-crushing riffs – the percussion rumbles and rolls, pushing the momentum under the soar of Weston’s aggressive vocals. “Mumble Star” clearly and boldly amplifies the ridiculousness of today’s wannabe mumble hit-makers.

The song combines cheeky behavioral lessons with a lamentation for the sub-genre’s diminishing artistic skills and growing fictitious lifestyles. Weston Simonis’ raucous vocal delivery and crushing soundtrack, totally lampoons his target. “He waddles when he walks!” exclaims Weston, rather wryly. It’s a vision we all have stamped in our heads.

“Mumble Star” is a rousing success; it’s both a smart meta-commentary on popular music trends and a collection of their peculiar culture traits. It takes a rare breed of artist to whip up this kind of narration at a time when mumble rap continues to spurn dozens of mega success stories, almost on a weekly basis. Weston Simonis’ honest irreverence clearly does not contemplate restraint.