Born in Boston, Massachusetts, Melanie Nichole Halfkenny AKA 5ive is an American recording artist, song writer, and entertainer. She began singing at the age of six andhas not stopped pushing her talents since then. She enrolled in voice lessons, and has performed anything from weddings, to church choirs, before moving to a host of popular venues in ATL, Washington DC and NC. She is currently planning future showcases all over the US and Overseas. The professional make-up artist, who has distribution deal with Empire Distribution, is currently working on new EP, and has also embarked on an acting career, having landed a major role in the upcoming Universal Film, Queen and Slim which is written by the Emmy award winning writer Lena Waithe.

In the meantime, to keep her momentum going 5ive has dropped the banging single, ‘Put It On You’, which is also supported by a stunning top tier video. 5ive is particularly fond of smooth conservation. She works smarter, not just harder. Making her fluid raps and singing, seem all the more effortless. This latest track doubles down on both her personal expressionism and technicality, with some of her most arresting wordplay, while maintaining her high level of artistic efficiency.

It’s her blend of sugary sweet and streetwise vixen that makes ‘Put It On You’ so intoxicating, and 5ive is most comfortable in that space, as she settles into a nice rap-sung balance. The basslines pulsate in the periphery and are softened up by the shimmering keyboard washes.

These, along with a rather choice assortment of hi-hats and handclaps, open up around 5ive, who gives them life. She strings together some of her sharpest, scene-setting raps on ‘Put It On You’, yet it remains natural. She still seems so cool an un-flustered by everything happening around her, which makes her all the more impressive.

5ive’s all-round confidence extends to the song’s production. She knows the particular sound that works for her mix of rap and R&B. The sweet melodic hook and the sunny rhythmic bounce gives the song an extra push. 5ive embodies an astounding collision of opposites, seemingly blended into one superlatively streetwise package.

She is fiercely bold, but stridently feminine. She boasts a throwback street focus with a determined 21st century urban pedigree. What sets 5ive apart from her peers is her ability to sound effortless in whatever she does. Her writing and rapping is fascinating to dissect superficially shiny but complex and layered on closer listen.

5ive has released the music video for her newest track, taking full charge and showcasing her signature style on ‘Put It On You’. This all sounds and looks like a substantial appetizer to what she has cooking up for the future. 5ive prowess will be earning her a place amongst the pantheon of her peers, and an arsenal of new hits that showcase her unmatched all-round artistry.

‘Put It On You’ is a single project dripping in confidence, class, brilliance, and personality. 5ive assures her fans and naysayers alike that she’s a voice worth listening to. A flash of personality like hers, would be welcome on so many of this year’s duller releases.

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