The new project from Worcester, MA rapper and singer/songwriter, SUMiT, “Omniac: MyKindOfCrazy”, is like nothing the world of hip-hop has been hearing in recent times. This groundbreaking album packs a major punch that can only be understood by those who have undertaken it in its entirety. Now on his third album, SUMiT has risen to new heights within this project, drawing upon countless sources of inspiration that can be heard throughout the 15 song recording. The production’s use of both classic sound bites, and futuristic twists provide this album with a feeling resembling the work of hip-hop legendary producers from the nineties and 2000’s, and yet carries with it elements of experimentation seen in new and more cinematic-based sounds.

There are many tracks here that show, both the producers’ and rapper’s incredible abilities. Within the opening cut “Rem”, listeners are immediately treated to a depth of production that previews an eclectic and psychedelic   soundscape present within the rest of the album – at times it is dreamish and at others quite nightmarish.

At all times the production is a perfect match to SUMiTs dual personality presented within his pointed yet brutally blunt hooks and verses. His lyrically bipolar nature is something that only goes to further accentuate the match-up between him and the production.

Although one is not always sure where either of them is going to take you, you know it’s going to be a wild and exciting ride. On both the opening track, and the second cut, “Blind.Rage.Vibe”, SUMiT breaks into the lyrical tracks striking the downbeat with the force of a full gale hurricane.

SUMiT successfully marries literary-fueled lyrical concepts with hard-nosed street smarts—all while simultaneously allowing for his own vernacular to run the gamut with his core messages. SUMiT lyrical content ranges from that of his daily grind to poignant introspective commentary, and full out verbal attacks on attitudes, events or people who agitate his mindset.

Every subject he tackles, gives this album the feeling of a well-versed artist expanding his horizons toward the future of hip-hop evolution. SUMiT lyrics are both studied and yet approachable. They are eerie and abrasive at times, while still providing listeners a sense of relatability.

On some of the album’s more powerful tracks, like “Nerve”, he channels his dark and slow-burning vocal tones. However, on the next track “Living Testament”, SUMiT puts the gas pedal through the floor. This is an extreme showcase of the phenomenal range of SUMiT’s style and approach to his music.

SUMiT’s energy within this project is unmatched by any rapper in his stylistic genre and seems to progress more and more with each additional track. The sinister throb of “Rest”, and the self-empowering “Paper Trail”, further goes to showcase the unreal talents of SUMiT, as the spacey beats, allow the artist enough breathing room to truly bring forth his own individual style.

“Decisions, Decisions”, “Rutabaga” and “Bleed” is the slower and introspective section of the recording, where the range of SUMiT’s creativity and technical ability is further emphasized. There is an incredible amount of depth to the storytelling within these tracks, it stands as a monument to the imagination of the artist.

“Omniac: MyKindOfCrazy” has a very fluid and linear feel, seamlessly charting a path from start to finish with all assortments of stops and detours along the way. Each and every time that this album concludes, listeners are inevitably left wanting more.

Again and again, the artist flurries himself up into a fury of emotion and explodes on the mic— providing listeners with a shell shocking, yet unforgettable, performances. But he can also bring on multiple grooves and vibes, as he does on “Continuum”, “Fate” and “Sound of the Rain”.

“This Whole World Is Insane”, is a track you won’t be expecting. It’s totally different to anything else on the album, and leads straight to the dancefloor. The closing track “Perfect”, takes it back to the lyrical SUMiT, and as such closes on a profound thoughtful note.

SUMiT’s work on “Omniac: MyKindOfCrazy” pushes the pace concerning the integration of classic and contemporary schools of hip-hop. This project will leave audiences insatiable for more work from this artist, who no doubt will remain in high demand in the foreseeable future.