It was during the autumn of 2012 in a warehouse situated in the province of Varese (Italy) when Angelo Iovane (vocals and bass) and Christian Tabita (drums) decided to jam together after school. The two, who discovered a great musical affinity between them, felt the necessity to expand their sound, and went on to find Lorenzo Gisondi (rhythm guitar) and Davide Gisondi (lead guitar). Together they formed what would become the hard rock group Infills Chain. From 2014 the band began playing in numerous concerts while refining their sound. In 2017 the group dropped the single “Castelli di Delusioni” (Castles of delusions) with the conviction that they were ready to take the next step in their musical journey. The result is the release of their original 6 track EP, entitled “A Day of Suffering”.

The EP is packed with muscled beats, passionate vocals, as well as awesome guitar driven twists and turns in each track. While holding true to the heavy old school hard rock sound, the recording offers an updated and modern take on the genre that fans will no doubt salivate over.

“So Good To Be True” starts the EP off with a gritty guitar, followed by a supporting drums and a solid bassline. Combining a feeling of aggression and abrasion, it spins an interesting analogy about relationships.

The lead vocals soar, along with the call and response harmonies, and the driving rhythm. Next comes “You Could Be Mine”, with both muted and elongated guitar notes, a quick, but steady drumline, and high flying melodic vocals. The song showcases some fiery guitar soloing.

“Deadline” launches on rapid-fire drumming, bone-crushing guitar riffs and a thumping bassline. The stop-start rhythms, as well as the drumming and guitars, represent definite highlights of this track.

Overall a roller-coaster ride of emotion, each shift in style feels like an awesome tease for the next change. A powerful story emerges from the hard-hitting, fast beat of “Ballad Of The Soldier”. Turn … this … up! There is really no three better words to describe what you should do with this song.

The killer twin guitars come into full swing on “Rockstar”, giving the track an extra dynamic, and a fully fleshed out sound. This track contains arguably the best guitar performances executed on the entire EP – a mix bludgeoning riffs and ferocious solos. The versatile vocals shine through the entire record, swiftly oscillating between serene crooning, soaring harmonies and feral roars.

There’s no shortage of unbridled aggression and power here as the furious onslaught of the track, “Day Of Suffering” attests. Its superbly maneuvered juxtaposition of heaviness and melody is also alluring.

The new EP, “A Day Of Suffering” by Infills Chain, is definitely an engrossing showcase of the outfit as a whole, as well as their individual talents. The band’s chemistry is undeniable, and every member has place to shine.

The EP grabs your attention and holds it until the very end, each song bringing something special and exciting to the table. The pacing of the record is also flawless, no song feels out of place and there isn’t a second wasted here. But what really makes this album a marvel is its timelessness.

That’s the one thing about rock that a genre like pop will never be able to emulate. You can put this recording into any decade – past to present – and it will stand its ground musically, appealing to fans of the genre. If you’re a rock fan, there’s always a song on here that you’ll be in the mood for, and that’s pretty damn cool.