“One Tear From Your Smile” is the latest video/single by music composer Lorenzo Armando Aldo Bazzoni. The composer has always known how to strike listener’s empathy and emotion in all the right places at all the right times, and he’s never been better at it than now. “This song is dedicated to the bad times we experience and the turmoil that we sometimes have to overcome before smiling brightly again,” says Lorenzo. The track is a fine example of Bazzoni’s incredible talent to fill the listener with reflective emotion and anxiety at the same time, before finally lifting their spirits high intensity sonic movements.

One of the best aspects of this musical piece is the unpredictability. As the song moves forward, each section brings in different changing dynamic aspects and sounds. Even those who don’t usually find heavily orchestrated instrumentals interesting, would find something impressive here. This music is a medium for emotions. Bazzoni’s instrumentation adds a distinct and personal sound to the whole.

Large orchestral swills and swirls, used in many textures, are a favorite of Lorenzo Armando Aldo Bazzoni, as it complements the energetic heights that the arrangement takes. Starting out as a progressive rock drummer, Bazzoni has quite the knack when it comes to this kind of scoring, as he fills the listener with a large amount of evocative emotion and uses fantastic string and horn layering techniques, as well as tempo changes to push the listener to the edge of their seat. The strings race and the horns ring, and you can practically hear your blood rushing through your ears as you prepare for the imminent climaxes promised by the composition.

The hugely impressive “One Tear From Your Smile” in many ways demonstrates Lorenzo Armando Aldo Bazzoni intelligent musical construction and also his myriad of influences, moving from aggressive, brassy statements to deeply menacing strings and thunderous percussion. In terms of its sheer scope, complexity and ambition, “One Tear From Your Smile” must rank as one of Bazzoni’s most impressive tracks achievements to date.

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