One of the best additions to the hip-hop industry this year has been with artist John Anthony Ziegler, most popularly known as BigJohn who has proved himself to be a worthy contender in the genre with his authentic hooks. The musical artist has taken a major step in the right direction by creating sounds that envelop listeners with its huge wash of dynamism that introduces his musicianship in a fresh manner.

By letting his creativity meet professionalism in an unquestionable manner, the rapper has recently released his new hip-hop music video ‘Can’t Nobody’ shows why his creativity is worth exploring. Accompanied by engaging visuals, the American hip-hop recording artist has created a song that hits with its catchy and punchy rhymes all at once.

Born in Columbus, Ohio, BigJohn who is the founder of BigJohn Entertainment was an air conditioning service technician from 2002 through 2010, before he finally discovered his passion for rapping.

The song ‘Can’t Nobody’ is one of the most desirable productions in the scene right now. His energy, his charisma, and his trap fluency show the Florida white rapper’s ability to create beautiful sounds with well-crafted hard-hitting beats.