The new single “DNA”, by Central New Jersey’s Working Class Hussys is a distillation of their manifold strengths – pastoral harmonies, cascading chord progressions, and wistful melodies, all coated in roots Americana beauty and jangly indie and alt-rock crispness. Despite the wide aural reach, the song maintains a powerful nostalgic and familiarity factor. Musically and lyrically, Working Class Hussys are clearly well equipped to tug at the heartstrings or add momentary muscle at the turn of a dime. Their expansive vocals adding to the sentiment embodied in every note and nuance.

For however lightheartedly smooth the bounce of the beat is, “DNA” is really a despairingly somber song at its lyrical core: “Life comes disguised as a friend, who just lets us die in the end. We grow attached to what doesn’t last. That’s the passive aggressive way of the universe. Years go by, souls fall and rise, but the fact is, everything ultimately is cursed. Death is like being born in reverse.”

However much you would like to procrastinate over the lyric sheet, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, Ian Patrick Gentles’ pointedly pragmatic analysis – unfortunately for humanity, may I add – leaves little room to interpretation. It’s hard to find fault with how astutely insightful the themes of loss and longing are treated in this song. The writer’s pen is shrewdly perceptive and penetrating in “DNA”.

For all its passionate observation, and the fact that the song is about his prematurely departed uncle Danny – Ian Patrick Gentles’ sapient narrative is completely void of simpering sentimentalism, mawkish impressionism, and gushing rhetoric. He cuts deftly to the core of the misfortune. One more reason why Working Class Hussys excel at their craft, and why they should be huge.

“DNA” contains all of the beloved, defining elements of organically generated music: steady, embellishing drums, shimmering clean guitars, and melodically soaring vocals, all of which are anchored by a loping, confident bassline. Gentles’ proves he is a songwriter devoted to adding new ideas and sounds to his creative palette, so you will discover subtle traces of adorning sonic elements along the way.

Though the dark reflection of loss, longing and regret lurks in the narrative of this song. The crisply melodic rise and fall of “DNA” restores a positive outlook and a lively pace to an otherwise solemnly pensive theme. There is ample light and redeeming hope radiating through the music. Working Class Hussys ensure that the breadth of the enterprising songwriting is reflected in a variety of elements, as dependable as the performance itself.

The intoxicating blend of musicality and instrumentation, the instant appeal of the lead vocals alongside dreamy harmonies, marks “DNA” as one of the band’s all-round strongest songs so far.

In “DNA”, Working Class Hussys perform a song that can empower and inspire, where the positive spirit of the beat and the harmonious chorus, contrasts the darker tone of the subject matter. There’s substantially much more to Working Class Hussys than immediately meets the ear. In “DNA”, this is stated far more emphatically than ever.