For those still sleepin’ – Untouchable 1 is about to wake ya up this year.

Straight from the hard knocks of the Chicago city streets, the truth came out officially on April 16th this year with the release of Untouchable 1’s brand-new cut, “They Watchin.’”  Putting the veteran skills of Untouchable 1 from  Capital O Entertainment’s own premier Rap crew Outfitt to their full potential – he’s hittin’ bars with lyrics strong enough to bend’em.  An undeniable wordsmith armed with supreme knowledge and a genuine gift to deliver it straight to the people where it truly belongs through the real art of the rhyme – “They Watchin’” is more than mere entertainment – it’s the most important track the people are gonna hear in 2021, revealing how misinformation infects the mind and how savage the system is intricately stacked against us all, 100%.

Taking on everything from the Illuminati to Big Government, Untouchable 1 has expertly crafted this single to shake listeners from their slumber – and the walls around them in the process!  Fearlessly exposing the lies & corruption sold to the people through the media and unafraid to speak UP at the time it matters most – Untouchable 1 is a lyrical force to be reckoned with that pulls no punches.  “They Watchin’” is a scathing indictment of the evil lurking underneath the surface of society, and through the serious finesse the man puts into the m-i-c – his latest cut is the wake-up call & anthem we all needed.

Busting out online worldwide through speakers & screens – “They Watchin’” comes equipped with the support of a MUST WATCH video, expertly shot by Nick Branzinsky of Nicky Films, with incredible visuals produced by Joe Mejo Perez.  Every bit as entertaining as it is a shock to the core of the system, the new video for “They Watchin’” provides complete reinforcement to Untouchable 1’s gritty & grounded lyrics, revealing a powerfully unforgettable combination of sight & sound that’s guaranteed to get the people talkin’ – and even more crucially, thinking for themselves again.

Join Untouchable 1 as he takes his skills straight to the people this year and unleashes a verbal reckoning that takes no prisoners and spares no quarter for anyone with ill intent.  Untouchable 1 is an authentic leader & unstoppable force in the Rap game – “They Watchin’” for sure – the whole world’s got their eyes on this emcee for his superior talent.

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