My name is Lazarus Benson. I’m from Casper, Wyoming. I was born into a really rough background full of violence, drug and alcohol addiction. I use my music to help others and connect with them to let them know they’re not alone. My music is inspired from bands Like Link Park, From Ashes to New and many other metal bands. I also take a lot of inspiration from hip hop music as well. I grew up on it and come from a very mixed family. As an artist I produce all my own music, but love experimenting with other genres. I like to change up a song by mixing in different genres. Monster is an example of just that. I made the song using a pop melody, hip hop drums, and rock guitars. It has a rock sound to it but incorporates other genres.

The song itself based around abusive relationships and they came all around when I wrote this song. I watched my mom get abused growing up. My dad was in jail during this time till I was 18. There wasn’t much I could do, and it hurt seeing my mom suffer. I put myself in her shoes when writing this. I compare the abuser to a monster. The one that struck me most on this was when I was 24 and she almost got killed. This is the moment that stuck me most. To think of how much she went through to see her face and how bad of condition she was in. Monster is exactly that and how people can become monsters we didn’t know they could.

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