The new novel coronavirus (COVID-19) poses an unprecedented challenge to governments worldwide. Within three months, the virus has traveled in a borderless world, and challenged public and private health systems in more than 196 countries, leading the World Health Organization to declare a global pandemic.

As a highly contagious virus, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to skyrocketing numbers of death and contaminations, imposing simultaneous massive public health campaign such as social isolation. Furthermore, government approaches to tackle the pandemic and their effectiveness seems to significantly vary.

Although we do not know the answer yet and this may change in the future, such differences demand deep reflection. One thing though, seems to be certain, social distancing helps in stopping the spreading of Covid-19.

Since the outbreak started, artists from various music genres have created a series of informative songs. Added to that list are The Gremlins and Ryley who collaborated to write and produce an impacting rap record, entitled “Stay In Your Home”, about the coronavirus outbreak. Reminding everyone to practice social distancing by staying home to help stop the spread of Covid-19. Stay Home. Save Lives.