Audie B, a Franco-Australian artist, inherited her love for music and travel from her parents. Her childhood in Newcastle, Australia was filled with dance and arts training at the National College of Dance. As she grew older, she delved into theatre and co-wrote the successful Cirque De Newee. Audie B’s love for performing led her to explore various genres of music, eventually discovering her passion for hip-hop.

To achieve success, Audie B knew she had to hustle. She pursued her university studies in Sydney and embarked on a journey through Europe. Upon her return to Sydney, she explored acting, TV presenting, dance teaching, and choreography. She even worked on cruise ships for three years, traveling the world and expanding her horizons.

Despite her success, Audie B felt a yearning to return to her roots and develop her hip-hop skills. So, she settled in Paris and focused on honing her craft. She released several singles and collaborated with major international hip-hop artists, including The Game, as well as top composers and producers.

Audie B’s hard work and dedication to her craft have become a way of life for her. She splits her time between Miami, LA, Sydney, and Paris, sharing her unique sound and vibe with audiences around the world. On February 24, 2023, Audie B dropped the single “Bish Don’t Trip” as part of her debut album of the same name. The song features production by Andreas Lecter and Mouyegang, and is supported an official music video.

About The Song: “Bish Don’t Trip” by Audie B is a track that aims to empower women and showcase their confidence and independence. The lyrics are filled with references to luxury brands and money, but they are used as a symbol of success and empowerment rather than materialistic desires.

The song opens with the line “Big cash Birkin bags with the bank rolls,” immediately setting the tone for the rest of the lyrics. Audie B is proud of her financial success and isn’t afraid to flaunt it. She goes on to reference dropping it low like a 6”4, and wearing Gucci, which are all common tropes in hip-hop music that showcase a lavish lifestyle. However, she also makes sure to remind her listeners that she is in control and is not to be messed with by using the phrase “Bish don’t trip.”

Throughout the song, Audie B continues to express her confidence and independence. She references her name, Audie B, and how she never moves slow. She is always on the move, whether it’s at a show or in a two-seater car. She also talks about being all about the cash like a lap dance, again highlighting her financial success.

The chorus of the song is where the message of empowerment really shines through. Audie B proclaims “Bish we run this shit,” sending a message to her listeners that they are in control of their own lives and should never let anyone else tell them otherwise. She also mentions being back in France and clubs playing her sounds, showing that her success has taken her around the world.

Overall, “Bish Don’t Trip” is a track that celebrates financial success, independence, and confidence in oneself. Audie B’s use of luxury brand references and lavish lifestyle tropes is not meant to be materialistic but rather a symbol of success and empowerment.