“Millions”, the track by DboySlim, has an incendiary takeoff, wasting zero time to underscore the necessary sense of urgency through a compacted sonic boom and a room full of booty. The backdrop is made of a dynamic piano loop, skittering hi-hats, and twisting synths, while the rapper updates his dance-swaying lyricism. DboySlim is impressive to say the least, while the track absolutely bumps. He creates an intense atmosphere that makes you want to jump around and groove. “Millions” shows off how talented and self-assured DboySlim is, and how he can probably live up to any hype you want to put on him.

DboySlim plucks ideas from both the mainstream and the trap fringes, work-shopping them into something that displays taste-making and curation at its best.  He knows what’s popular and swallows those elements into his sound. He’s very good at what he’s good at, and his flow is infectious, as he flashes his wit and turns of phrase. He is able to glide over this beat without any perceived effort, and it just all seems natural. It is clear that “Millions” is DboySlim’s baby, everything feels triple-checked over and it shows.

“Millions” is a great listen, as well as an engaging visual shot by Jailin Gage, and it will be in heavy rotation all summer, no doubt!