Never-mind your car, or drinks at the bar, or how many chains you wear; to settle it once and for all, that’s the only reason we’re here. It’s a …CHALLENGE!”

The album “Long Live Jit” is still in a league of its own as it continues to shine light on Detroit’s vast dance history, and its progression. “Challenge” is the joint from JunesFlow, produced by Mark Cooper, and new visual shot by Desmond Travis.

Check for the video and witness what happens when the battle is “on sight”!

“To me, ‘Challenge’ is a song that’s strictly here to provoke the dance floor.”JunesFlow

Electronic waves burn through the speakers while chasing hard hitting, up-tempo drums, topped with lyrics aimed at the culture of Jit, a dance born in the great city of Detroit. “Challenge”, from the album “Long Live Jit”, is available on all digital outlets.

The “Long Live Jit” album is reaching audiences across the world including and QQ, China’s largest video platforms. Add it to your playlist today and take everything you do in life up a couple of notches. Challenge yourself!