Talent-unlikely-Televised or simply, TuT. An up and coming, rising star in the music industry, incredibulTuT continues to grow not only as an individual but also as an artist. After a series of events leaving him living out of his car, incredibulTuT made what he calls “the best decision of my life” by moving from the historical musical city of Philadelphia, PA to another legendary musical city of Los Angeles, California.

Taking the work ethic inherited from his city, incredibulTuT worked at various warehouses and restaurants throughout Los Angeles while living out of the same vehicle that got him there and showering at the local gym. After a few months, incredibulTuT was able to save enough money, and move into an apartment where he was able to hone his artistry daily.

incredibulTuT combines real life experiences with his love for music in a way that leaves listeners wanting more. Anyone who has witnessed him perform live can attest to the fact that those in attendance always leave with an unforgettable experience.

What began in a friend’s garage, recording on a computer mic, developed into an outlet for a young man looking for hope and truth. incredibulTuT hopes to inspire not only other artists, but individuals across the globe the same ways others have, and still inspire him. With consistent progression, he hopes to use the worldwide influence of hip hop to spread his message…“Be what they thought you couldn’t be…”

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