My name is Matthew J. Bentley but I go by Theølogy. Previously in my career, my music has been played on the podcasts of Grammy nominated Above & Beyond, Cosmic Gate, and Fatum. My newest work though, the album, “Trapped in a World Between Beauty and Bass” is out NOW on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. The album is an anthology of the past 6 years of some of my most experimental productions.

The album starts out with a very ethereal intro, goes into a deep house section, and then is followed by a jazzy, future house tune with the powerful vocals of Charly Tate. The next track is a bangin’ Bass Trance track that is in honor of the late Mary Sue (RIP), a vocalist that I used to work with. The latter half of the album is focused on a genre I am pioneering called Future Trance. It is a combination of the freedom in structure of Future Beats, but with the sound design and powerful percussion of Trance.

The track “Why Not Both” is the best example of this style, but it usually will fall around 90-100BPM, making it an incredibly unique sound that no one else (that I know of) is making. In addition, there are 3 notable video game remixes on the album from Donkey Kong Country 2, The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, and Chrono Trigger. The album is my most experimental work and I am incredibly proud of it. I would love if you gave it a listen today!


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