It’s in our darkest hour where our light shines the brightest. Even from the shadows, an artist can find a way to illuminate the unforeseen with their voice and talent. This beacon will be the spark that’ll shine a light on a better and brighter tomorrow.

The newest release by Toronto rapper Stacccs is currently available on all major streaming platforms as of today. The 8-track mixtape “STA” is a well-rounded glimpse into the mind of a man with everything to gain. Letting go of all inhibitions, Stacccs is ready to be recognized for the unique craftsmanship of his music and art.

With more than a few standout performances on the album, one of our favorites would have to be Levels. From the opening line, you know you’re in for a treat. When the catchy bounce of the beat drops, you’ll find yourself caught up in the vibe that’ll last the duration of the whole song. There’s no telling where he’ll take it to next.

Inspired by the likes of 50cent and Lil Wayne, Stacccs has always had a passion for creating music. Over the past year, he managed to release an onslaught of music online, close to 20 new tracks. Be sure to check out “Massacre” today, exclusively on SoundCloud.

For more music-related news and business inquiries, you can follow Stacccs on Instagram @stvcccs. “STA” the mixtape link :