Subreel is a website designed to help aspiring musicians, a music hub with a goal of offering equipment reviews, how-to guides and loads of other musical information. Their writers offer decades of experience in a lot of different areas of music, from live sound to instruments and music technology.

Some of the areas Subreel cover include: “Recording and microphones” – Home recording has become something we can all do, and with a real lack of information online, Subreel have taken it upon themselves to provide guides such as how to make your own homemade acoustic panels and microphone reviews, from USB mics, to mics for rappers.

“Instruments” – There are a lot of sites out there offering information on guitars, but other instruments can be tough to find guides for, whether it is maintenance articles such as how to clean a guitar, to choosing the best electric violin, Subreel have a lot of information on instruments for both beginners and professional musicians.

“Production” – Subreel offer production tips on all sorts of different areas of music, whether you want to make electronica in your bedroom or record and produce a full band. Music production is another area the internet doesn’t have enough information on, and the Subreel team aims to remedy that.

“Learning” – Learning instruments is something lots of people look for information on. Most people aim to learn an instrument at some point in their life, and gone are the days where you had to find a tutor in the yellow pages! There’s lots of info online whether you want to learn piano, bass, guitar or any other instrument. Subreel wade through and recommend the best, as well as providing their own unique take on things.