Life is a dream for the wise, a game for the fool, a comedy for the rich; yet, a tragedy for the poor. While in his second year out of high school with no college or work plans, Octavious Brackins II is doing his best to get by. Together, he and close friend Kentrell Hopkins are waist deep in the streets, and are constantly finding themselves in sticky situations. After all is said and done, he is aware that this is not the future that he wants for himself.

The Rapper

The Rapper

Understanding that he could possibly continue the cycle and end up like his father, who is currently serving a life sentence in prison, Octavious learns to put all that consumes him in rhymes along with his beat making best friend Demarcus.

Together they pool their resources and determination to record music. Nonetheless, things begin to get shaky once Octavious’s mother Angela becomes aware of his double life. Under those circumstances, she puts him out of the house. Shortly after, he takes shelter with Demarcus and his grandmother. A young lost soul just trying to get through life, Octavious finds purpose upon meeting the charismatic, entrepreneur Brother Will. On the positive side, Brother Will helps sponsor his pursuit of becoming the big rap star.

In the meanwhile, Octavious finds a new love interest, Brooklyn, who helps him balance his life out. At the same time, Octavious decides to dedicate himself full time to his music. All while facing conflict in his relationship with his mother, foes from his street life, and most of all within himself.

Written and directed by seasoned filmmaker Vinnie LaMotte, shot by award winning Cinematographer Jonathan Thompson, and set in the city of Atlanta, Georgia, “The Rapper” is a raw and gritty tale of the lost who traveled to super-stardom, and is sure to create a dedicated audience with its outstanding visuals and great relatable story telling.

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The Rapper will premiere on Doggie Diamonds TV/ Forbez DVD Sunday July 3rd at 7pm EST also on