Jeff Woodall stripped away almost all the bells and whistles usually associated with electronic music on “I Won’t Leave You Behind” and the result is the emotions here are raw, genuine and expertly communicated; the track seems to tell a story. The tenderness, the emotion, the gentleness….the passion, the caring…the beauty; it is all there in this Chill track, which adheres more than honestly to its title.

This is a great song to put on when you just need to unwind, relax and ponder the past. The music throbs gently and slowly but insistently, snatches of melody drawing you in, the elegant beat stimulating but relaxing at the same time. Welcome to the Jeff Woodall sound, your ticket to another room, a spacious mood, a place where cares do not exist and pleasure is abundant.

Jeff Woodall

Jeff Woodall

The ocean of tones and sounds washes across the shores of your mind, gently hypnotizing away the craggy realities that soon seem many miles behind you, and you think about that someone or that special place – Too good to be true? Not in this case.

I’ve been through at least a hundred so-called Chillout and Downtempo albums and discovered, as you by now have, that most of them are bland, same-sounding pap, boring, and mealy sonic filler. With today’s electronic gear it’s all too easy to make wooshy sounds. As in all musical genres, only about a certain percentage of artists are really gifted, let alone brilliant.

With Jeff Woodall you’ll get that spacious feeling, the warmth of the strong but mellow beat, and actual musical artistry. Subtle variations ease your imperceptibly while listening to this music and you will never lose interest. “I Won’t Leave You Behind” can be played in almost any setting. If you have any desire whatsoever for that elusive bird called Chillout or Downtempo, this is absolutely essential for your playlist.

Jeff Woodall was born in London and raised in Hertfordshire, UK. Following high grades in a school ‘Tone’ test at his secondary school, music lessons were recommended.  Of all the instruments to choose from, Jeff decided to learn the drums! After a while he taught himself to play the guitar and later expanded his interest into keyboards and synthesizers.

After a long period of experimentation, he concluded that the style of music he wrote naturally was in the field of ‘Chillout’, ‘Feelgood’ and ‘Uplifting’, although his musical tastes and influences include a wide variety of artists and styles. Since 2004 Jeff has released a consistent number of EP’s and Albums, as well as music for TV and Film.