I am a Guitarist-Designer-Producer mixing EDM/Techno/Dubstep/Cinematic styles with 80’s Rock guitar instrumentals for film, tv and games. I struggle with chronic pain and social anxiety. Even though it’s hard to hold a guitar some days, making music keeps my mind off pain and my brain focused. I hope to be a positive light for musicians and people that have similar conditions, helping them through music.

My style is unique because I blend several different genres creating unique sounds with my guitar. My songs are not a typical radio format or length. My songs are instrumentals but my creative guitar sounds and melodies make the perfect lead singer. I am creating music I love on a very small, if not free, budget and hope to help other musicians do the same in the future.

I have been featured on 94.5 The Buzz radio, played guitars on ‘The Anthem’ by Houston rapper Tow Down and my single ‘Show Me Something’ was featured in the indie skater film ‘Call to Fly’. My new song, UFO Rock n Roll, tells a lot about me and my styles. I wanted to create a song around my fascination of UFO’s (aliens), love for rock music and EDM beats.