Deeply soulful and with poignant adulthood relatability, Karen Conner’s latest EP reminds us that it’s okay to make space and acknowledge the difficult parts of life. Titled, ‘Finding Solace’, the EP is a collection of 5 piano and vocal cover tracks that highlight the ebb and flow of life, celebrating its ups and downs, while encouraging us to find comfort even in our darkest hours.

“Each song covers a situation we all relate to – heartbreak, feeling weighed down, starting over, love, and tragedy. With each song played, my hope is that others will feel less alone, feel understood, and be inspired to live out every day finding solace.”

Sonically, ‘Finding Solace’ is a stripped-down intimate pairing of her soothingly sweet, emotive vocals and equally consoling piano work. While it features pitch-perfect harmonies and inspiring performances, it’s not without a deep sense of authenticity and realness that radiates throughout. Notably, the songs were all recorded one at a time at home during her son’s nap times in 2018 and 2019. A true testament to her musical passion and creating this project.

‘Finding Solace’ is re-launching this fall and will be available for pre-order in both digital and physical format from October 2nd, 2021. Pre-orders will be available in her online shop, which will also feature a line of merch that leans into themes of helping others experience their own sense of solace.

Digital songs are also available to stream and purchase on Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music. For media inquiries, including interviews and all things press-related, please don’t hesitate to email


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