Based in Stockholm, Sweden, upcoming new artist Rodrigo Alvin has 3 freshly recorded songs riding high on Spotify and other major digital outlets. Rodrigo’s style brings a blend of Hiphop, R&B and Afrobeat. His tracks “Fatima”, “Don’t Call Me” and “La voix du sage” is a much needed shot in the arm of a music medium that is stale and lacks any kind of knew creativity. Rodrigo’s music is just plain fun to kick back and chill to. His delivery is as smooth as butter, a real treat.

Rodrigo Alvin has all the artistic tools. It is encouraging to see such a talented man take the positive road with his music, celebrating the positive side of humanity, as opposed to the negativity and materialism that pervades so much contemporary urban music. He not only blows us away with his unique style of transparency, he is also an advocate for social justice in his own right.

Rodrigo Alvin provides nuance and intelligence mixed with solid hooks that are easy to groove to. These songs are also a perfect opportunity for Rodrigo to make a splash in the American and International music scenes. He has a very distinct style and sound that is as smooth as it is deep, and fresh. All overlapped by an upbeat, dance influenced tone and catchy tunes, these songs are not the typical self-blustering that perforates the hip-hop and rap genres.

The innovative melodies and polished, soulful sound have captured me on almost every track. Rodrigo Alvin is at the top of the game with the way his smooth voice turns phrases and drops creative metaphors. Rodrigo is a welcome new voice to the world of urban music. I’m guessing we will be enjoying his voice for a very long time.

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