If you are already familiar with Nyke Ness’ past works, then you know that he delivers in all categories of his craft. There is variety to each of his songs, which are supported by substantial lyrics and smooth banging production. What I mean is that Nyke Ness is a refreshing breakaway from the garbage that a lot of other rappers are producing. The combination of deep lyrics, clear vocals, and catchy rhythms makes his tracks great for just about anyone. Nyke is a real example of hip-hop music from back in the day with his fantastic tales of his life, yet it is all wrapped up in modern-day atmospheric beats that add more flesh to the layers of each track.

From “Dope”, “Do What I Want” ft. Sir Reeb and “Vicious” ft. Manny Wave, to “Clock”, Nyke Ness shows an unswerving confidence as he delivers messages that are both vibrant and moving. Throughout his recordings, it seems as if he is just trying to make the best music that people can relate to, and Nyke’s ambition and honesty shines through and through.

Though pumping swagger and energy into his release, Nyke has an everyday down-to-earth approach which works really well with his songs. I’ve always been a fan of an artist that spills their guts and shows emotion in their tracks. I’d like to think the listener can tell the difference from a genuine and artificial production. Nyke Ness seems to achieve that feeling of authenticity with particular ease.

While most of his peers are looking for the next new thing, Nyke keeps it original. On most songs he raps in a tone so sincere and personal you feel as if he is speaking to you specifically. He rhymes with the prowess of someone with years of experience, and he’s not just blowing smoke.

Nyke Ness’ ability to mold a song from a simple beat into a thought-evoking track, is a great one, more importantly it’s something that sets him apart from the rest of the pack. Nyke Ness is filled to the brim with potential, and the sky is the limit.

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