Before MarcG, I was Marcus Gutierrez IT PACS systems engineer in the medical field up till Covid hit and was poorly handled by the last administration causing my team and me to lose our positions. 2020 was a very difficult and challenging year for me; Not only did I lose my job, wife after 22 years together and 13 years of marriage, decided to divorce me; still dealing with the struggles of trying to get another job and with the interviewers trying to decide if I’m the type of person they want on their team and other’s telling me that I’m over qualified for this position!

Stuck between a rock and heard place I was about to go insane. To make matters worse, Trump cuts my unemployment check to less than 2K a month! Enough was enough, I put my pain into words on my laptop and then added a beat to them; mixing and re-writing my words until it sounded like a song that people could relate too. Low and behold, Marcus died and MarcG was born! Since my first song Covid, I have now written a lot more hip-hop songs but I am only able to release singles for now. I released Huracan on December 24th, and Very Dangerous is my latest song that is my gift to the world when I released it on my birthday March 29th.