King Franko hails from Inglewood, California. A determined artist who strives for what he wants, he has being doing music for about 7 years. King Franko comes to the conversation in 2021 with his single, “Scars On My Back” – a song about the struggles in life and the need to always stand firm and humble, while fighting for your dreams and never letting anyone see you sweat. “Everybody has their own problems, you can either let it break you, or make you stronger,” says King Franko. Produced by Zaytoven, the evolving song makes for a very organic listening experience. It’s presents the artist at his best – constantly pushing the conventions of Hip-hop and R&B to new levels while still remaining true to its foundations.

In “Scars On My Back” the listener seamlessly drifts between tasteful verses, choruses, and smooth grooves under the direction of King Franko’s distinctive vocals and Zaytoven’s ear-warming beat. The production of the single is refined and impressive, with some particularly finessed instrumental writing which helps set the scene.

The instrumental lines alternate between subtle horn interludes to throbbing bass walks, and sliding keys. The combination of these elements helps to create a cool, yet haunting vibe throughout. Where King Franko harnesses the bouncing bass line to provide the rhythmic core verses with his unique vocals adds an extra dimension.

“Scars On My Back” is a very strong outing from King Franko, and is a soulful stroll along the shores of modern hip-hop. The artist’s energy, passion and ability to create his unique sound is unquestionable.

The track shows that King Franko is a versatile and imaginative musician whose popularity should rightfully be rising each day.  “Scars On My Back’s” soul-searching vibe is wonderfully crafted and leaves the listener completely satisfied.

King Franko captivates his listeners with impacting phrases like: “I don’t think they understand, I been fighting all my life. I got the scars on my back like they been lashing me. I don’t think they understand, when I’m coming for you niggas. We gone hunt him down. Ain’t no coming back for me.” The tone of his voice is simply asking listeners to sit down and listen, taking in what he has to say.

A solid purveyor of profound lyricism, King Franko cuts through the narrative of “Scars On My Back”, like a hot knife through butter. King Franko mixes melody with rhyme, as an infectious pulsating beat of the drum and bass pushes the momentum of the track. King Franko caters pure emotion in echoing vocals and storytelling chops. A track filled with personality and passion that would not feel out of place in any setting.

“Scars On My Back” is a beautiful soulful creation that seems earnest in painting its theme. At the heart of the music there is an emotional unburdening of intense proportions. The track is awash in cinematic timbres and full-blooded textures.

It’s lush yet unforced, and meticulously edited, allowing King Franko’s delivery and narrative to take center stage. At the end of the day “Scars On My Back” is a song that makes a very powerful statement.