Las Vegas is home to indie artist Guillatine Slimm who is growing and nurturing his sound and career which started in 2007. In the last 2 years he has been releasing and promoting a series of singles. Listening to his catalog leaves you struck between two emotions: Slimm is a stunning lyricist, his abrasive growl only seeming to grow in potency over each new release; yet it’s also an unbearably poignant listen at times, with meditations and introspection juxtaposing his aggressive verbal attacks. The highs are truly stunning, as his projects show a rebellious spirit, and a forward thinking mind.

Guillatine Slimm’s latest single “Can’t Lose What’s Mine” ft. Swang has the power for commercial potential, as it is laced with a melodic hook and a banging new wave beat ready to ride the charts. There is a carefully crafted duality at work in each and every moment of the song, as Swang’s soulful melodic sweetness crosses Slimm’s grunt and groan intensity. On the one hand, the track is new ground for its creator simply by definition. The charts have yet to speak, but ideally, building on the strength of this collaboration, the track should bring his music to more ears than ever before.

Guillatine Slimm’s abrasive voice makes his inherent instrument arguably the strongest of his element of his skillset, but so far as rap as craft, there is also a focus on his laying on bar after killer bar. Which is every bit as important in his role as an MC – if not more so. “Can’t Lose What’s Mine” ft. Swang is both grand and intimate, urgent and laid back, all at once, constantly. It stands as a unique, accessible, and confident statement of poise in Slimm’s catalog. Guillatine Slimm is turning out to be a true vanguard in the underground game right now and is putting out music that makes an impression.

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