Stuntman Sez is a high energy song that commands you to dance and gets your mood hyped. It features 90’s legends The Mad Stuntman from Reel2 Real, (I like to move it), General Levy from the UK (Incredible) and Kid G from Proyecto Uno. @officialdjdmc reached out to The Mad Stuntman in hopes of working together.

The mutual acquaintance Rob from Traveling Dj’s made the connection within minutes. “I was honored that The Mad Stuntman would want to work on a project of mine” said Off The Mad Stuntman suggested that the song also needed General Levy and Kid G, which made the song worldwide and added energy.

The Mad Stuntman has been sitting on this song idea for over a decade and had a vision. His lyrics command you to do the Stuntman Sez and lead you in a high energy dance song. General Levy brings his unique and very fast flow to the song dropping 107 words in 22 seconds.

This is something only a handful of people can do in the world. Kid G is the newest member of Proyecto Uno and his verse is also fast and on fire getting your energy hype.

The Lyric video was created during covid and the official video is scheduled to shoot in 2021. “We hope that the listener falls in love with this song and uses it to dance and get hype with the way it was intended and commands you to do” says @officialdjdmc.

Stuntman Sez is on all platforms and the artists can be found at the following social handles. @Officialdjdmc @themadstuntmanofficial @kidgofficial @generallevy


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