There’s a new song by GroovExpress but which famous “Geraldine” was it inspired by? The 8 piece contemporary jazz band, from New Zealand leave fans guessing. This seems to be the message that Mykeljon Winckel, one of the main driving forces behind the band has delivered.

Multi-talented Winckel, who contributes as; producer/composer/engineer and guitarist, releases “Geraldine” from the band’s third album Amsterdaam. The album name plays on a deliberate spelling and reference to location. Also described as an “emphatic exclamation”.

Following a previous live concert performance of “Geraldine” in 2016 at Glenbrook Vintage Railway, this latest studio recording could be the product of the success their live performance lavished. Boasting two nomination entries at the 59th awards ceremony, one of which Winckel was recognized, with Best Improvised Jazz Solo nomination. Following this success “Geraldine” is set to take GroovExpress to new levels, catapulted by their contemporary jazz style and the radio ‘friendly nature’ of this latest song.

A statement on GroovExpress’s Facebook page said:

“Geraldine, The first single off Groovexpress’s album ‘Amsterdaam’ is a groove-driven bright and summery melodic smooth jazz radio friendly instrumental tune best heard in ‘drive time’ slots!”

“Groovexpress expertly fuse elements of the ‘jazz standard’ format which made such legends as Miles Davis, John Coltrane and Stanley Turrentine famous with fresh, contemporary flavors, creating “upbeat, fun, sensual jazz” that is “ageless and timeless… Groovexpress is the new face of Smooth Jazz!” ( Global Radio)”.

The GroovExpress band consists of:  Mykeljon Winckel, guitars & vocals; Ernest Semu, Rhodes, Wurlitzer and piano; Anthony Hunt, organ and clavinet; Trinidad Sanchez III, electric bass; Isaac Sanchez, drums and percussion; The Angel City Horns (leader Chris Tedesco, trumpet and Flugelhorn; Robert Kyle; saxophones and flute; Jim McMillen, trombone) additional percussion provided by Larry Salzman.

Some track influences of Amsterdaam have been described as “McCartney-esque”, relating especially to; In My Heart. Others like; All Night Long has been said to sound similar to guitar legend Eric Clapton- with hints of Robben Ford. One major influence of Mykeljon is Steely Dan, this can be heard on; Thin Blue Line.