It’s not every day we can take poverty, pain, death, the struggles of life to create positive strides and embrace everyone. 400 years is an inspirational song designed to uplift, inspire and empower people around the world. Daquian Williams (GrindTime DQ) 25 years old and Tavon Winbush (AyeeTay) 28 years old, live life daily conquering the odds stacked against them raised by single mothers. Gun violence, mental health, physical limitations, and the threats of life from walking in the skin we carry.

GrindTime DQ losing his father to gun violence at three years old, along with almost losing his mother to multiple gunshots at six years old, and even almost losing his own life, dodging pain became an obstacle course. AyeeTay has constantly battled with his mental health and been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. As young men growing up in environments surrounded by negativities all around them from poverty, violence, death, and constantly being labeled a threat to still accomplish loads of achievements.

Taking the positives seen throughout their lives they have both used that ammunition to graduate with multiple college degrees. GrindTime DQ has established four companies and a federal tax-exempt Nonprofit dedicated to uplift, empower, and inspire our communities. AyeeTay is an educator and mentor-driven to giving back to the youth.

They both use music as an outlet to raise awareness of issues in the world. 400 years is made with the vision and content to capture the unjust feelings of the everyday battles we struggle through our communities. As leaders in the communities, we look to other leaders to help spread the elevation of our people.

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