Sharzall are prepared to conquer the music scene. The Slovakian Gothic-Metal quintet from Bratislava signed a deal with the German indie label NRT-Records and has some surprises on the agenda for 2017. On May 17th the single “Crisis” will be released. Complete with a video, the EP “Serenades from Perdition” as lead-up to the debut-album “Black Sun” by the Gothic-Metal-Shockers. Sharzall consists of the eccentric frontman Rony Race, bass player Nyga, guitarist Liviticus, Drummer D and keyboarder Shiny.

Founded in 2014 the band combines Gothic-Metal with Dark-Rock and elements from Post-Punk and acquired recognition in their homeland Slovakia. After a few gigs in their home country, concerts with Blaze Bailey and Sunterra followed.

This cabinet of horror, acts out an image, mixing up “A Clockwork Orange“with Splatter-B-Movies and King Diamond. They signed a long-term contract with the label NRT-Records in April 2017, which schedules the pending release of the finished debut “Black Sun” on June, 16th 2017.

Fans of the band describe the sound of Sharzall as a mixture of The Sisters of Mercy and early Death Stars. As one can confirm this statement, Sharzall should not be fixed on these examples, as they create their own sound which is of course Gothic Metal but without fears of contacting Post-Rock, Horropunk and the demanding ambition of guitar-solos and sound.

“Black Sun” bears witness to the versatility of Sharzall. “Way to die” is a mid-tempo Gothic-Rocker, “Frontline” a short Horrorpunk interlude and “Love is on the ground” a sensitive ballad. To cut down the countdown to the 13-song debut “Black Sun”, the video of the song “Crisis” will be released on May 17th, including the single and the EP “Serenades from Perdition”.

Sharzall don’t make compromises and the lyrics by Rony Rage, a variety of life and death, are finishing the music extraordinaire. Counting on shock-moments the Horror-rockers orchestrate their music in their video excellently. For those who can’t await the release of the debut-album “Black Sun”, you can receive a foretaste, when “Crisis” and “Serenades from Perdition” are published.

The “Black Sun” Album and the “Serenades From Perdition” EP can be preordered on the Hi-res Audio Store Qobuz as well on Amazon, Google Play, and iTunes.

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