From the creative minds behind the first marketplace platform for hiring professional session musicians, comes the fascinating new podcast In Session. Hosted by AirGigs, the App that connects producers with musicians, vocalists and engineers, this innovative series explores the many facets of the recording landscape in today’s ever-changing business model.

Launched in 2018, In Session sits down with top music producers, artists, studio musicians and recording studio owners, to learn more about the issues and trends that are affecting them most. Throughout the series, topics including the latest technical advances and best marketing practices will be addressed as well as issues and challenges facing the artists and professionals who have brought us the greatest songs of our time. Guests to date include Muscle Shoals Co-Founder Ronnie Eadesand Ike Willis, vocalist and guitarist for the Frank Zappa Band.

The music industry has radically changed in the last decade. We started the podcast to go behind the music with some of today’s top producers, session musicians and engineers, said David Blacker, CEO of AirGigs. Our goal is to delve deep into the challenges and opportunities presented by the new music industry landscape and to uncover the intangible qualities that make great sounding recordings.

In Session is the latest extension of the rapidly-growing AirGigs brand. Launching in 2012, the company now has members in over 60 countries working from their recording studios, giving music creators direct access to world class studio talent – anywhere there’s an internet connection.

In Session is broadcast monthly on iTunes, Google play, and Spotify.

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