Hopewell, VA native, Otis Holmes aka TRIG – singer and songwriter, is back with a double installment release entitled “SILENCE” recorded at his studio Exalt Recordings. The dark covered mixtape release contains 6 songs, while the light colored EP is made of 7 cuts. Throughout his discography, fans have been given a taste of his true versatility. TRIG has shown his lyrical ability time and time again, as well as his R&B crooning style which is just as impressive, and he delivers both across these projects. The production on these recordings is great – taking either a chilled, low-key and soulful approach or proposing more dark and urgent leanings.

Starting out with “SILENCE – The Mixtape”, right off the bat, TRIG the R&B crooner comes to the fore on the opening track, “SINALIL” ft. Wouldchucc.  It’s clear that TRIG knows his worth, but he somehow maintains a sense of humility and grace. All of which comes alive on the poignant slow-burner “SHE’S IN LOVE”. By the time we press play on the groove of “LOUD”, we already know that we can attribute the success of this mixtape to three things – diverse arrangements that pay homage to urban crossover music, strong, engaging songwriting, and smooth resonating vocals.

TRIG’s steadfast devotion to adding contemporary production elements to the classic R&B tune on “MAN OF MY WORD” ft. Uriyah, leaves him well-positioned to take advantage of the market’s rediscovery of the R&B and Hip-hop mix.

However TRIG crafts his reputation and his living as an R&B crooner, and is totally sublime on the mid-tempo “HOW WOOD U”. The closing track, “LAST TIME”, showcases everything that makes TRIG such a talented balladeer. Vocally, he has the range to fill in the pockets created by an instrumental arrangement that puts the emphasis on a slow and grinding groove.

It came as no surprise to read that TRIG has opened for many major league artists, such a Trey Songz, Lil Wayne and Choppa. The second part of this release, opens with the hip-hop infused track, “COMPARE TO YOU”. This song is another testament to the virtue of knowing who you are and standing firm on what you do.

Moving forward, TRIG continues to serve us solid heartfelt ballads such as “UNCONDITIONAL” and “IMAGINATION”. He effectively tells stories about of the different sides of love without making it sound cheesy or melodramatic.

“GOTTA HAVE IT” features Ishaboyluke and Kavasi alongside TRIG. The track is impressive from a production standpoint, and supports the rapping and crooning perfectly. The lusciously arranged “ALL FOR YOU” ft. Wouldchucc, is up next.

One quick listen to the track, and it’s clear that TRIG is well on his way to satisfying his potential. This EP, and second part of the project is also very good at fusing contemporary production with classic sounds.

The swaying groove, the creamy vocals and the sumptuous synth section, help to make “CITY LIFE” ft. Wouldchucc, one of the EP’s standout tracks. TRIG, regardless of who he works with, has an inimitable voice and when blended with production that’s heavily inspired by both classic and modern urban aesthetics, makes for a very unique and contemporary blend of R&B and hip-hop, as can be heard on   “NIGHTFALL” ft. Wouldchucc.

“SILENCE” is an excellent contribution to 2020 R&B and the project also works as an excellent introduction to TRIG for anyone who isn’t too familiar with past songs or releases.  If you do fall into the latter category, hopefully this will be the mixtape and EP to change that.

It’s not a bad time to be a male R&B singer. You’ve got tons of exciting talent out there. TRIG may not get the commercial exposure that those mainstream artists are getting just yet, but the double-sided “SILENCE” is a project that certainly deserves to be mentioned alongside the best work of those artists.

The release date for the above-mentioned works are set for the 6th of July.