Gibraltarian singer-songwriter KERRIA is saying “No More” in the most powerful way possible. Her new single is an emotive masterpiece and presented with such intensity, it is impossible to ignore. The lyrics were inspired from the singer’s previous abusive relationship and takes us deep into her soul. It is rare that a performer will share such deep honesty with the world and KERRIA has not only held nothing back, she’s gone a step further.

The accompanying video for this amazing track features 90 TikTok Influencers assuring it will reach their combined fanbases of more than four million people around the globe. This concept of vertical videos is a relatively new one, but thanks to the magic of social media, the impacts they can have are enormous.

KERRIA is using this powerful global medium to spread her message of hope and empowerment. “No More” tells us that we hold the power within ourselves to overcome anything. That we are strong. That we will survive. And that tomorrow will be a brighter day. It teaches us the importance of speaking our mind, telling others what we want and need and never, ever giving up on ourselves.

The singer has already achieved an impressive following of her own since her debut in 2019. She has earned millions of YouTube views, thousands of Spotify streams and a large TikTok fanbase. With the addition of these 90 other influencers, her positive and uplifting message is certain to spread far and wide.

Her musical style seems to defy clear definition, fitting somewhere within the mix of pop and rock, but possessing meaning and depth that surpasses any attempt at labeling. You can truly feel the emotion within her voice, not merely hear it. It is clear from those very first opening lines that KERRIA is singing straight from the heart.

This track and its accompanying vertical video could not be released at a better time for the world. In these troubling times, we need to hear now, more than ever, that our voices matter. That we matter. And that we too, can follow in KERRIA’s fine example and use our abilities to achieve power, purpose and positivity.

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