Melvin Thomas Young stage name (Tommy 2 Fly) is a rapper, songwriter, producer, based in South Carolina, United State. Tommy 2 Fly is the owner and creator of the 2 Fly Podcast, has rights to his own publishing, his own record label called Rapyd Fire Entertainment LLC, and has currently signed a distribution deal with Bentley Records. He grew up listening to R&B & Hip-Hop music and started nurturing a love for writing lyrics. Eventually his passion for music led him to get a Music Business Degree from Full Sail University, Florida.

Aside from recording and performing music, Tommy 2 Fly has also done acting. “I love to entertain and well share life stories of pain and joy to relate back to people’s personal lives,” says Tommy 2 Fly. “I want to be known for my rap bars, song content, and for the way my music relates to my fans.”

His latest release is the single “I Walk Carolina”, which wastes no time signaling its intentions. Tommy 2 Fly sounds relaxed and playful with his flow and voice, a clear indication that the rapper has plenty of breathing room and no constrictions on his creativity. Tommy 2 Fly’s message maintains itself throughout the project. He is here for the long haul, he maintains his southern essence and takes pride in his unwillingness to convert to a mainstream rapper.

Respectable for his unique blend of grounded subject matter, southern influence and use of bass heavy production, he gives the feel of an old school aesthetic despite having a modern style. That promises to make him a favorite for different types of hip-hop fans.

The tone on “I Walk Carolina” gives off a feeling of self-awareness, celebration, validation and supreme confidence of quality music. In that same spirit, the track carries a bold sound, in addition to a clear incorporation of the trap flavors that has dominated rap music for the past several years. But unlike many of his peers, Tommy 2 Fly’s lyrical ability is the highlight of his records, not just his hooks or production.

“I Walk Carolina”, is a triumphant victory lap, as the rapper joyfully chants, rhymes and reps his “hometown”. Here Tommy 2 Fly creates a track that strategically balances the complexity of 90s hip-hop while simultaneously adding the fun and simplicity of modern day bangers.

He effortlessly knocks out a couple of smooth-paced verses with finesse, before his choruses makes the track sound anthemic. We may not all agree on the level Tommy 2 Fly might reach a few years down the road, but we can all agree that the man knows how to execute an incredible Southern flow over a great instrumental.

There’s something to be said for delivery. Not so much in Tommy 2 Fly’s flow – though it is exceptional – but how he utilizes his voice and rhyme schemes, posturing them against the beats. More importantly though is how swaggeringly triumphant Tommy 2 Fly makes everything sound on “I Walk Carolina”.

From his significant wordplay and delivery, he shows just how candid his music can be. Its good music; uplifting, empowering, catchy, and will entertain those looking for hard-hitting beats with memorable lines.