In March 2018, Penny Lane (vocals) and Reverbero (lead guitar) opened the doors of their “Red Spades Tattoo Studio” in Bray, Wicklow Co. (Ireland) which has become a common center for local musicians to play and get tattooed, and it was during a local music event that they met Aaron Doyle (rhythm guitar) and Cormac Feeley (bass): The Rude Dudez were formed, bringing their highly energetic sound which is defined as “Tribal Skunk” – a blend of ska-punk and folk. Soon The Rude Dudez were making a name for themselves on the local circuit, and working their way towards playing prestigious venues. In the meantime they had also found the perfect drummer in Rory Lahart, after a laborious search.

Committed to their craft, The Rude Dudez dropped their debut album, “Cause I’m Rude”, on the 30th November 2019, and now follow it up with their highly anticipated sophomore album, “An Act of Protest”, out on the 27th August 2020. The Rude Dudez – where ‘rude’ is meant to signify ‘sincere’, ‘outspoken’ and ‘frank’, as opposed to the derogatory significance society usually attaches the word to.

And it is with this very sense of wholehearted, unstoppable candor that “An Act of Protest”, attacks the ills of modern society and a warped culture driven by frenzied consumerism, environmental destruction, debauched religious ideologies, and untrustworthy mass media. In fact, The Rude Dudez tell us everything we already should know, but are afraid to speak up about.

The album opens with quick bombast of “Involution”, which describes humanity’s self-selection process in order to become the higher version of ourselves. The drums bang, and the guitars roar, as Penny Lane’s vocals lead the charge with confidence and conviction. Immigration and multicultural living takes center stage between the jangling guitars, fast distinctive chord progression, and the soar of the vocals on “Tired of Everything”.

So far, there is so much to like and the songs are impeccably constructed and performed. This album takes what is spectacular about The Rude Dudez – their impeccable musicianship and large vocal presence, and judiciously mixes in the best of what is currently on hand in the studio, without adding any glossy gimmicks and technological trickery, except raw power.

“Out of Stock” continues the unbridled, high-powered momentum of the album, as The Rude Dudez tackle the theme of consumerism head on. The song also allows Reverbero the space to showcase his soloing skills.

“Liberty Search” is awash with thick bone-crushing guitar riffs and a driving rhythm, as Penny Lane narrates a dialogue between the Statue of Liberty, the ideology of freedom, and the consequences of being trapped by mobile phones.

“Mirror of Me” describes a conflict between two people who are simply mirroring the reflection of themselves in each other. The freedom of an independent release allows the The Rude Dudez to set their own pace and tone. What results is a powerful punk-rock blueprint filled with a raw emotional feeling.

Never once letting up, The Rude Dudez’ insistent rhythmic stride will leave you breathless, as they break into “Savin This Planet”, which directly points a finger at the blue chip companies responsible for environmental damage. This leads to the sprightly bounce of “Between Time and Space”, which takes an expansive look at love, comparing relationships to drug addictions.

Penny Lane along with the band look to provide a healthy dose of confrontation and confession into the music world, as they attempt to show the shortcomings, mistakes and deceit of society, and not the false perfection of conformity that has invaded our mindsets.

“Tax The Priest” takes a scathing look at the workings of church corruption, before delving into the abominable practice of acceptance into society, in the fairytale-styled “The Girl and the Tower”.

Strong reggae flavors propel the rhythm of “Rise Up”, which specifically, and critically, scrutinizes the Italian socio-political situation. The song aims at instigating reaction in the population, urging people to act in their own interests, instead of allowing others to decide their destinies.

“An Act of Protest” is an energetic and enterprising recording meshing together musical, existential and humanitarian aspirations. The album presents the costs and complications of human vulnerability, along with an aggressive rejection of embracing surrender.

The Rude Dudez envision a world far removed from the one we are currently creating. Through the throbbing palpable rhythms, they lay the groundwork for an album that examines our shortcomings, and the measures we need to take, to turn theses trends around. “An Act of Protest” is evocative and dynamic with powerful messages.

The lyrics were written by Penny Lane and the music composed by Reverbero, while the album was recorded DIY during the 4 months of Quarantine in the hills of Roundwood, Wicklow County, Ireland.