Filipino-Canadian indie artist Teaboi, recently released his 3-track single, entitled “dichotomy of emotions”, which is described as bring about, “The relationship and juxtaposition of clashing feelings. The harbored and the released, the cathartic and the regrettable.” The recording presents a mystical type of melancholia and introspection, as the producer quietly creates mesmerizing beauty. Each of these tracks is a wonderful depiction of their sonic splendor, as multitudes of precious emotions and nostalgia blow over you like a soft summer breeze.

Teaboi’s meticulous, layered production and his ear for complimentary, unassuming melody are both present on “dichotomy of emotions”. Opener “he seems contemplative”, epitomizes everything that’s so fresh and innovative about Teaboi’s sound. From the washed-out retro keyboard riffs, to the wavy horns, and the skittering percussion, the indie producer succeeds in imbuing everything in a warm, laidback, yet dynamic groove.

As growling bass lines mingle with bright, winding and noisy synth motifs and slapping drums, the track “ANGER POINT // BLOOD” drives itself ahead with rock steady momentum. Just as Teaboi intended, it feels like the perfect bridge between the previous song and the next upcoming track.

Teaboi gives the beat enough weight to majestically surge under the surface of the music, as each component is intuitively blended to create a sweeping soundscape with a throbbing pulse.

This brings us to the final track, “is there destiny”. This track feels very much like Teaboi had reached his artistic and melodic fulcrum during this recording, and this is precisely what makes this song so intriguing.

Apart from Teaboi affording himself the space to explore his signature keys and lo-fi melodies, he also includes vocal stylings and spoken word loops, which add an extra dimension to the sonic aura. It is a gorgeous, swirling, kaleidoscope of chill ambience.

The 3-track single, “dichotomy of emotions”, serves as substantial evidence for Teaboi’s ability to successfully carry off any mood, and instrumental styling he puts his hand to. During its most striking moments, there are moments of true, shining brilliance on this recording.

What the project demonstrates it that Teaboi has a great ear and understands deeply how song narratives are not just about the lyrics – it’s about delivering emotion through nuanced melodies raveled around vibe- inducing backdrops.

Listening to the music on “dichotomy of emotions”, the instrumental storytelling leaves it up to the listener to find a way though, to draw the conclusions. It’s these perceived personal conclusions that make the project an engaging and interesting experience.

With his production, Teaboi creates imagery and captures emotion. His soundscapes are driven by driven by instrumental narrative, creating atmosphere and musical intrigue.

Every track on “dichotomy of emotions”, even more so when taken in sequence, allows listeners the space to step out from their reality and dive into their mindset. From top to bottom, the record is overflowing with meaning and intention, aligning with everything that Teaboi is all about. It gives listeners a clear perspective into his artistry.