Former Hindi music creator, Sujith Rao, an Indian songwriter and music composer has just released his first English single “Shining Eyes”, which fuses both Western and Indian musical flavors in a vibrant kaleidoscopic soundscape. The song which was written as a tribute to a friend of Sujith’s who passed away in 2002, features the lyricist David Benjamin Morrison from Fulton, USA, and singer Elstein. The sheer quality of the record is incredible, super punchy, creatively expansive, melodically alluring, and the sonic details are marvelous. In true Sujith Rao fashion, the track features elements of Indian instruments, like the flute, while there are also dollops of horns, strings and fiery guitars. It’s an amazing piece of work and sets the bar high for future releases by the composer.

Pop fans and the entire electronic music world will be keen to listen through “Shining Eyes”. They will be elated with what they hear. There is a melting pot of exotic elements and captivating experiments along with radio-friendly vocals. It’s a beautiful gem that demonstrates how electronic soundscapes can sculpt beautiful creations, as an artist can craft stories through music. Sujith Rao paints complex sequences in effortless style.

The intricate, elaborate construction with tons of components never becomes overwhelming in its just under five minute runtime. Opulent and elegant, with a powerful bassline, “Shining Eyes” features a hypnotic vocal presence from Elstein, whose tones are as stunning as they are tender and warm. In the chorus, he shifts to a higher register, which resonates with the listener’s evolving moving emotions. It is a gorgeous foray that will intoxicate many ears.

Sujith Rao

Exiting the realm of EDM and pop crossover stylistics, Sujith Rao interweaves the heartfelt lyrics with sweeping passages of dynamic instrumentation. It functions to radiate emotions, keeping you engaged and creating a strong and moving imprint on your mind.

Grand vocal theatrics, striking melody, and a captivating beat takes us through a worldly soundscape, uniting various cultures through music. The track’s intention is best conveyed with a number of back-to-back listens, to fully grasp the essence of Sujith Rao’s work.

Sujith Rao’s builds a stirring musical backdrop with “Shining Eyes”, as he takes you to a sumptuous sonic blend. There’s not much room for complacency in the modern music world. There are just too many other artists and releases to choose from.

Hence, Sujith Rao wastes no time and delivers emphatically with this unique single. The enthralling melody is perfectly wrapped into beautiful and crafty arrangement that adds to the all-embracing vibe. Sujith strives to find the organic and blend it with the synthetic, and the outcome is marvelous.

Fulfilling the primary objective of telling a story with music, Sujith Rao’s rich production techniques, aim to capture the listener’s attention from the first bar. In my opinion, Sujith is truly different and deserves to be recognized as a unique artist. In an industry that feels overly saturated, Sujith Rao has recrafted traditional genres, enhancing soundscapes and sensory experiences with “Shining Eyes”.

He takes a usually formulaic genre and creates a depth that electronic music typically lacks. Pulling off this debut English project is a huge achievement for Sujith Rao and the team around him. It will reinvigorate an industry that sometimes lacks this kind of innovation and diversity.