Hailing from Reno, Nevada, Split Persona is a band with a focus on creating hard-hitting, yet melodic alternative rock music. Going for a diverse and one-of-a-kind feel, the group recently dropped their self-titled album on all major platforms, showcasing how their music sets the bar higher in terms of genre definitions and sonic aesthetics.

Split Persona’s self-titled release serves as an excellent calling card for the group, and it offers an ample vision of what these talented musicians are able to accomplish. The band’s music is also quite exciting in terms of production, with a special focus on clarity and definition. Yet never too sleek or overly polished, so as to lose its natural edge and the human element of an organic rock band, which remains completely unaltered.

The songs featured on the Split Persona release are actually very diverse, revealing the signs of a group that refuses to get stuck in the same usual clichés. Instead, they prefer to explore a wide range of influences, ranging from hard rock to grunge, punk, and pretty much everything in between. What makes this band stand out is that they feel comfortable wearing a variety of “musical” hats.

On the album, you can expect to hear some hard-hitting guitar stabs and some punchy drum parts, but you will also find some memorable melodies and catchy hooks spicing up their songs. If you are drawn to groups as diverse as Foo Fighters, Queens Of The Stone Age, Dead Rituals or Cloud Nothings, you would certainly enjoy the sound and feel of Split Persona’s new release.