Beyond the sheer quality of its song-craft, the fundamental humanity of its content, and the balance of its experimental bent with pop and rock conventions, perhaps the most important element of the single “All Of Your Friends”, is the confidence with which record captures its lo-fi musical aesthetic. This is the record on which 21 year old writer, fashion artist, music producer, musical artist, and visual artist, Sam Mudd has learned how to blend his work with a sense of purpose and clarity of vision. All of which imbues the future with great promise, considering that Sam is releasing his EP “NAKED”, on November 6th.

Sam Mudd has been making music since he was 15 years old, releasing his original projects exclusively onto SoundCloud. Within the past year Sam started releasing projects on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and other major streaming sites. Mudd has reconciled all his artistic impulses, into a singular aesthetic that simply explodes beyond what his contemporaries are currently doing.

That isn’t to say that “All Of Your Friends” is not a product of its time. On the contrary, it is an of-the-moment, social assessment of our troubled times. Here Sam Mudd tempers his worldview with a pragmatic sense of realism. The song works beautifully both as a rebellious anthem to our current situation, and more broadly, as an ode to the type of escapism the song’s pulsing, tribal-styled percussion provides.

“All Of Your Friends” conveys a real sense of urgency in describing Mudd’s inability to find meaning in the daily drudgery of social distancing. Beyond the driving rhythm, resonating basslines, wailing guitars and echoing vocals, there’s a real sense of humanity to the song that makes it indelible.

There’s the sound, of course: a simultaneously loose and hard-wired amalgam of instruments that melds an ominous groove with a threatening melody, thus creating a pounding, ravishing sonic template. But beneath the body-moving throb and vocal soar of “All Of Your Friends”, the vexing theme of the narrative abounds.

Sam Mudd’s concerns on this single are clear: relationships, connections, and existence. What appears as simplistic lyricism, undermines the complexity of the feelings with which Mudd is dealing; and while his muses are well-worn, the confidence with which he relays his sentiments is simply inspiring. “All Of Your Friends” exudes fullness – of ideas, of sounds, and of emotions. A record well worth hearing, to say the least.

The composition of this track, is dictated by circumstance, and predetermined by vision. You can listen to “All Of Your Friends”, while trying to picture yourself enjoying a night out on the town, with just a touch of anger and depression, concerning the ongoing situation. However, at this point, you’ll be so in-tune with the record, you’ll completely forget for a moment that soon you’ll be in total lockdown again, and seriously reminiscing about “All Of Your Friends”.