PHELIXX LAKE is a metalcore solo artist who achieved success with the release of his debut single, “Recovery” in October 2022. The song tackles the issue of fake friends and features a blend of electronica, bass, and metalcore guitar. “Recovery” has been featured on numerous Spotify playlists, including All New Metal and Metal UK. PHELIXX LAKE released a second single, “Echo” which explores the theme of personal growth and finding a new identity. His latest single, “Infrared” is set to be released through Ghost Killer Entertainment and highlights his innovative approach to emotion-driven post-hardcore. Influenced by artists such as Senses Fail, A Day to Remember, and I Prevail, PHELIXX LAKE is the project of the Florida-raised and Cambridge-based singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer TJ Whiting.

An unstoppable metalcore machine with a pop twist, PHELIXX LAKE remains ambitious on “Infrared”. Here he takes a timeless anthemic sound and elevates it with an unmistakably modern polish and classic dirty grit. There’s a sense of relief when a track delivers exactly what you expect from an artist with an unwavering steadiness to his releases. “Infrared” is the sound of an artist striving for greatness.

Every hard-hitting verse crafts a rousing anthem working its way towards an explosive chorus. Each vocal line crackles with unbridled energy, as PHELIXX LAKE’s voice maintains complete control over the ever-changing volatile atmosphere. There is little doubt that PHELIXX LAKE is as powerful as ever, and the airtight vessel of “Infrared” gives rise to single with enormous momentum.

“Infrared” is a robust work, combining the strengths of the instrumentation and vocals to form a powerful and uncompromising modern rock sound. It is a striking combination of catchy, euphoric melodies and chord progressions, offset by crushing riffs, slamming drum motifs, and attention grabbing vocals. All these elements are carefully constructed and packaged with a tight, booming production.

Each section of “Infrared” leaves the listener satisfied while continually introducing something new, setting up the sections to follow effortlessly. The song immediately grabs your attention, ripping into a face-melting introduction complimented by harsh vocals and a driving backbeat.

Instead of eschewing what worked great on previous efforts, PHELIXX LAKE has grown and expanded his sonic palette while still holding onto all that previous goodness. Layering vocal hooks with enticing guitar riffs makes for addictive listening, but then PHELIXX LAKE knows what he is and what works for him.

PHELIXX LAKE knows where he is going every step of the way on “Infrared”, and hits all of the song’s pressure points with almost clinical precision, which representative of the artist’s continued hunger to raise the bar. Thus far, it’s been a steady climb, with each single expanding PHELIXX LAKE’s horizon. Like his previous work, it’s a track that will make you want to hit replay, start again, and enjoy repeated listens.

Fully expressive, brutally honest, and eye opening, “Infrared” lays it all on the line. “I couldn’t see it at all at the start. I just assumed it was always my fault. Your demonstration of manipulation. You broke our trust, and buried us. All the things you said, playing over in my head. Fabricated and counterfeit,” sings PHELIXX LAKE, as he rolls out the blunt narrative. Checking his track record, it seems like PHELIXX LAKE has programmed a release schedule to keep audiences fired up continuously.

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