The beat on ‘Come Follow Me And We Ride’, the latest single by the Woodbridge, VA based hip-hop artist Mr.Reaper, is warm, blissful and hazy, with free-floating jazz guitar jangles, slow-motion drums and skittering hi-hats. Mr.Reaper develops complex and layered flow patterns, letting syllables fall like rays of sunlight. His voice is rich and sonorous, and you can drift off just on the sound of it, catching the occasional punchline but mostly just listening to the way it hits those beats.  The track feels like a pure rapping exercise, a display of vivid and fierce skill.

Even though his writing and cadence are sophisticated, Mr.Reaper sounds like he is a couple of blunts in, letting his brain flit freely from bar to bar. It’s the sound of a consistently great rapper leveling up, putting many of his peers to shame, and forcing his contemporaries to bring their A-games just so that they can keep up.

It’s the type of rap track that is just as much about technique, as it is about vibe and atmosphere. The flow of this song is what really ties everything together, as Mr.Reaper keeps listeners on their feet by the tonal variation in his voice.

This is top tier music, the best of the best. Mr.Reaper simply grabs his theme and let’s his mindset steamroll the topics within. The words seem to come flowing freely from the top of his head, as he flexes his wares.  Considering the quality of music, compared to the tracks running on mainstream, it’s very easy to say that the underground is very underrated, but most already understand and acknowledge this.

 I’d love to see Mr.Reaper get mainstream appreciation, and this song certainly has what it takes to run in that lane, as Mr.Reaper has loaded it with all the chill, summer jamming elements, but I also comprehend that not everyone will find him in the complex miasma of the underground. Hence, those tapped into the underground scene, will continue to enjoy the art he creates. The others? Well, they may just miss out, unfortunately.

When you speak of consistency in hip-hop music there are not many names you can choose over Mr.Reaper. He is a gift that just keeps on giving. Judging by the hot streak he has been on with the projects, “Thru The Light”, “Thru The Dark”, and the single, “Awaken”, it is accurate to say that expecting anything other than great from Mr.Reaper would be a disservice.

There is a question to be had on Mr.Reaper’s side; is he the one of the most interesting rappers out right now? Going back to his catalog, you can certainly make that argument. Dating back to his earlier material, Mr.Reaper has given us nothing less than superb releases, which go beyond just having a great flow, smart wordplay, or a polished production.

Mr.Reaper’s tracks always aim at saying something, whether it is profound introspective storytelling or just blunt outspoken statements. Furthermore, his delivery is varied and fluid, never abandoning the deep intonation and impeccable cadence that provides the incredible synergy with whatever production he’s working with.

Moreover, it is also the charisma and power of his personality that sets him apart from most others in his field of work, ‘Come Follow Me And We Ride’ certifies that.



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